Vital Inc. Partners with MatchAwards to Propel Economic Development in Rural Healthcare, Remote Patient Management Services, Home Healthcare Services and the Medical Device Equipment Industry 

Macon , GA February 14, 2024 –, the premier AI-powered Social-Economic Media Platform, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Vital Inc., a leading Economic Development Organization (EDO) specializing in the Rural Healthcare, Remote Patient Management Services, Home Healthcare Services and the Medical Device Equipment Industry. This partnership marks a significant milestone in advancing economic development initiatives and fostering value-added healthcare in rural communities within the medical services industry. 

MatchAwards 3.0, powered by the GovTide Engine, represents the future of economic development, revolutionizing the way businesses, governments, investors, media, and consultants connect for mutual prosperity. With 20 years of industry expertise, Advanced Internet Technologies (AIT) has crafted a visionary platform that serves as a gateway to unprecedented opportunities for Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) like Chambers of Commerce, Associations and their business members. It is a massive lead generation platform with respect to G2B, B2B and B2I (Investor) contract, grant and financing opportunities.  

Al Whitfield, CEO of Vital Inc., expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: 
"At Vital Inc., our Vital Connect  Economic Development Organization's mission is to drive economic growth and create opportunities that enhance the quality of life in our communities. Partnering with MatchAwards aligns perfectly with our vision, allowing us to leverage innovative technology to propel economic development within the Rural Healthcare, Remote Patient Management Services, Home Healthcare Services and the Medical Device Equipment Industry. We are excited about the potential this collaboration holds for our constituents and stakeholders." 

MatchAwards' unique features, including AI-assisted matching systems and real-time data on contracts, grants, and awards, empowers EDOs like Vital Inc. to unlock new avenues for economic prosperity. By providing tailored training programs, enhanced visibility, and dedicated support, MatchAwards equips EDOs with the tools needed to maximize success in government contracts, grants, and financing in terms of measurable KPIs. 

Mike Noble, COO of MatchAwards and AIT, emphasized the significance of this partnership: 
"The partnership with Vital Inc. underscores MatchAwards' commitment to driving economic development at the grassroots level. By harnessing the power of technology and strategic collaboration, we are poised to catalyze growth and opportunity in the Home Healthcare Services and Equipment industry. There is no cost for EDOs. We guarantee success. EDOs can monetize the platform with sponsorships. We look forward to working closely with Vital Inc. to create lasting impact and prosperity." 

As pioneers of prosperity, Vital Inc. joins MatchAwards in leading the charge towards economic development innovation. Through this partnership, they aim to cultivate strategic alliances, enhance visibility, and empower small and local businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving economic landscape. 

About MatchAwards: MatchAwards is the pinnacle of economic development platforms, powered by GovTide Engine, designed to connect businesses, governments, investors, media, and consultants for mutual prosperity. With cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions, MatchAwards empowers Economic Development Organizations to unlock trillions of dollars in opportunities and foster economic growth. 

About Vital Inc.: Vital Inc. our Vital Connect Economic Development Organization is a leading Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to driving economic growth and enhancing the quality of life in communities. With a focus on Rural Healthcare, Home Healthcare Services, and Medical Device and Equipment industry, Vital Inc. leverages strategic partnerships and innovative solutions to create opportunities for value-add healthcare services regardless of the location of the patient. 

For media inquiries or partnership opportunities, please contact: Alphonso Whitfield III Vital-Connect Economic Development Organization - MatchAwards  229-588-0075.  

Macon, Georgia  February 14, 2024 Alphonso Whitfield III,  and 229-588-0075 x3. 

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