What took three trips to Ohio and spent thousands of dollars in cash, time and energy to achieve absolutely nothing. Yet, we did  achieve with three phone calls (a total of 2 hours in duration), and open, honest, and transparent communications, every goal we, sought with Agile and then some. 

The Tampa Office is going to help us build the same network that they built for Agile. We will have a dedicated call tower network, they will provide network engineering guidance and recommendations, etc. They provided their tower map in our designated market areas, in Macon, Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh. We requested this from Agile and never received it. 

They will provide a list of fiber ISPs that currently service their towers, we requested this from Agile and we never received this information. 

They will work with our fiber vendors if we decide to bring that connectivity to their towers ourselves.

They will allow us to sell connectivity on their existing towers to third parties. They will help us acquire land and build towers that we lease back to them. But wait there is more. 

If they have equipment for broadcasting TV or Internet signals on their towers that are available for piggy back service with other carriers or that has been abandoned, they will share that information and facilitate its use. We never received this guidance from Agile. It makes you wonder are they a part of the same company or that Agile felt threatened by our business model. 

Things that make you go Mmmmm?

The route to success is circuitous but we will get there in spite of our own errors and the posers and gatekeepers that may give us the wrong dirctions on purpose or block our efforts out of spite. 

More to come. 


Welcome to our new home, for now....

•Vital is a Business Development Company (BDC) with a mission to use the proprietary products and services of its subsidiaries, in the course of its business activities to acquire emerging undervalued businesses, startups as well as distressed companies. Vital provides products and services that converge at the intersection of Internet connectivity and media services. The businesses and business activities Vital seeks to acquire will receive Vital proprietary licenses for products and services at the core of their day to day operations. 

•The U.S. Congress created business development companies in 1980 to fuel job growth and assist emerging U.S. businesses in raising funds. Vital will be intimately involved in managing the operations of their portfolio companies. Vital, through its strategic business relationships with investors, will make investments in private companies. We seek to provide permanent capital to these businesses by taking advantage of a wide variety of sources, such as equity, debt, and hybrid financial instruments.

•Vital will register and comply with Section 54 of the Investment Company Act of 1940. Vital shall register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Vital shall invest at least 70% of its assets in private U.S. firms with market values of less than US$250 million. Vital anticipates that these companies will be growing businesses, seeking financing, or firms that are suffering or emerging from financial difficulties with and require essential managerial assistance to the companies in its portfolio.

•Vital is not a venture capital fund. Venture capital funds are available mostly to large institutions and wealthy individuals through private placements. Vital through its BDC structure allows smaller, nonaccredited investors to invest in them, and by extension, in small growth companies. Venture capital funds keep a limited number of investors and must meet specific asset-related tests to avoid classification as regulated investment companies.  

•In 2020 Vital was selected to be part of the Canton - Elite Program/London Stock Exchange Cohort. “ELITE USA is a business growth program of the London Stock Exchange Group that assists middle-market companies in achieving their growth trajectory. As a global leader in supporting SMEs, ELITE leverages a worldwide network of experts, partners, advisers, investors and other stakeholders to help you achieve your goals”. Vital is an active participant in the intense business development coaching process. Our long-term goal is to be an Exchange listed company in the United Kingdom and here in the US.

•Vital does not anticipate listing on an exchange, in the near future. Yet, we are required to follow the same regulations as listed BDCs. Vital has selected the BDC organization structure to take advantage of provisions for the amount of borrowing, related-party transactions, and equity-based compensation that make a BDC an appealing form of incorporation to product and service development companies who were previously unwilling to assume the burdensome regulation of an investment company. Vital provides investors with exposure to debt and equity investments in predominantly private companies—typically closed to investments.

•Because Vital shall operate as a  regulated investment company (RICs), we must distribute over 90% of our profits to shareholders. That RIC status, means we don't pay corporate income tax on profits before distributing them to shareholders. Investors receiving dividends will pay taxes on them at their tax rate for ordinary income. Also, Vital's investments may diversify an investor's portfolio with securities that can display substantially different returns from stocks and bonds. Of course, we reserve the option to trade our shares on public exchanges, which can offer a fair amount of liquidity and transparency.

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